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Comprehensive Dental Services

Mark C. Frill, DDS is thankful for your visits to our office in La Vista, NE. We provide a full complement of dental services. Why should you have to go to more than one place? We provide all of the services and treatments your family needs for optimal dental health.


Preventive Care

Preventive visits are scheduled routinely, biannually. These visits include:

  • A full dental exam
  • Checking for gum disease
  • Examination for oral cancer signs
  • Signs of tooth decay
  • Condition of any existing restorations
  • X-rays if needed to examine problems within the teeth and below the gumline

Also included in your preventive care visit, a professional dental cleaning will remove tartar and plaque from the teeth and polish them to a lustrous shine. Lastly, you may receive a fluoride treatment to help prevent tooth decay. If desired, a sealant may be applied to molars to keep decay from starting in the deep grooves of the teeth.


Teeth Whitening

Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth? Perhaps you have staining from smoking, coffee, wine, or medications. Having your smile whitened in the office will yield excellent results in a short period of time, depending on the staining. Ask your hygienist at your routine preventive visit about our Philips Zoom in-office whitening for whiter teeth in less than an hour and take-home whitening for initial whitening or upkeep.



Fixed and removable bridges are an option for missing teeth if you do not wish to have the implant procedure. Removable bridges are attached to adjacent teeth with wires and must be taken out for cleaning. Fixed bridges are permanently affixed to the adjacent teeth, which must be prepared with a crown to provide strength and prevent damage from the bridge.


Invisalign® Braces

For adults and teens who want to straighten their teeth without traditional braces, we offer Invisalign®. Invisalign® aligners are customized to your teeth. Each aligner is worn for a specified amount of time before moving on to the next one. After the series is finished, your smile will be straight and aesthetically pleasing. Talk to Dr. Frill about an examination for Invisalign® today.


Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

Mark C. Frill, DDS is happy to offer CEREC® veneers and crowns. The chairside technology allows your veneer or crown to be created on the same day as your visit, rather than taking molds and waiting for a lab.

Reasons for getting veneers

  • To improve appearance by covering worn, chipped teeth; crooked teeth; misshapen teeth; stained teeth that do not respond to whitening; other cosmetic needs
  • For a smile makeover for uneven spacing of teeth; teeth that appear too large or small

Veneers are very thin porcelain pieces, custom made for in color and shape of your teeth. These pieces are bonded to teeth to reshape your smile.

Reasons for getting crowns

  • To cover implant posts as a tooth replacement
  • To protect broken teeth
  • To cover teeth that have been weakened by extensive decay
  • After a root canal, for protection of the remaining, weakened tooth

With CEREC® chairside technology, crowns are made the same day as your visit, rather than waiting for creation by a lab. A special digital camera will evaluate the size and shape of the needed crown. After the tooth is prepared, CEREC® will then design and create the crown to be placed


Composite Fillings

For decay or tooth repair, we offer composite fillings. Composite fillings are tooth-colored and look more natural than the traditional amalgam fillings (silver). We also place inlays or onlays when needed.


TMJ & Sleep Apnea Appliances

Dr. Frill evaluates and treats patients with temporomandibular joint pain as well as sleep apnea with dental devices. After evaluation, he will create a mouthpiece to be worn at night to decrease symptoms of both disorders.

For all of your dental needs, call 402-991-7980 or contact us for an appointment with our team.


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